Five Reasons to go for Mobile Friendly Websites

Five Reasons to go for Mobile Friendly Websites

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Millions of smartphone users browse the internet every day. If you are the owner of a business, it might be best if you can convert your conventional website into a mobile friendly site. Just because you are able to view your desktop site via a mobile device is no indication of the fact that your web page is compatible with mobile phones. Mobile websites are specially designed for small screens. The designers of such sites have to keep in mind the needs of cell phone users. Online portals which are compatible with mobile phones allow your business to connect with buyers on the move.

Five Reasons to go for Mobile Friendly Websites
Five Reasons to go for Mobile Friendly Websites

  • Multi-Platform Compatibility

In recent times, many people utilize mobile gadgets such as tablets and smartphones to browse through various web pages. To deal with this rising mobile trend, a lot of business have developed, managed and published their mobile friendly web pages across every possible type of web-enabled gadget to understand the number of prospective buyers who are using mobile devices.

  • Improved Online Experience

Mobile web pages have been specifically designed to enhance the internet experience for users of mobile phones. These sites are not just easy to view but promise to deliver superior performance on tablets and phones in comparison to traditional websites.

  • Customer Satisfaction

Online visitors via mobile devices generally tend to be very impatient. If they come across a web page which seems to malfunctioning, they will leave immediately. So, if you design your business site to be compatible with mobile devices, users will be encouraged to remain and browse through the products and services on offer. Moreover, it may even convince them to purchase something!

  • Performance

Most of the mobile sites tend to offer a better performance on search engines which are compatible with mobile gadgets. They can increase the number of visitors to your site who are browsing with their cell phones. This will help you set your business apart from the rest of the competition, since they may not be compatible with mobile search engines.

  • Survey Results

Detailed internal results from various surveys point out that by the year 2013, a larger number of people will prefer their phones over their PCs to go online. Since the year 2010, the number of mobile searches has increased by almost four times. Every person on earth will possess a mobile phone by 2015. Mobile users consider a mobile friendly website to be as satisfactory as their desktop experience if the site takes three seconds or less to load. Several users expect a mobile page to have the same loading time as a desktop site and they tend to retry a website only a couple of times if it fails to load in the beginning.

You need to remember that a bad mobile experience can result in the loss of customers. Most local businesses stand to benefit from possessing a mobile friendly web page. Users consider apps to be helpful and entertaining but they still prefer mobile web pages for real shopping.

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